Terry Surjan

C U P, founding chair
Associate Professor

B.S., University of Wisconsin
M.Arch., Columbia University

Terry Surjan is involved in research and teaching at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Mr. Surjan began teaching after graduating from Columbia University in 1994. His research deals in Computer-Numerically-Controlled component design as well as 3-D modeling and animation.

Mr. Surjan has taught CNC and animation technologies at Arizona State University, the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Woodbury University and the University of California in Los Angeles over the last ten years. At these institutions he has taught studios and seminars at all levels of architectural education dealing with computer technologies and architectural production. The future of this education with reference to the use of CNC technology will be based on landscapes, both natural and artificial, and the impact that such technologies may have on landscape design and manufacturing.

surjan CV [pdf]

ACSA Annual Meeting 2009, Portland, OR
  • Appealing to the Masses, or Serious Play with Blocks

  • Contract Models: FORMwork for Manufacturing



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