Center for European Studies and Architecture

The Studio Residency program through Virginia Tech’s Steger Center (formerly Center for European Studies and Architecture - CESA) at the Villa Maderni in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland, provides opportunities for architecture and design students to interact with students from other Virginia Tech programs, sharing extensive library resources, well-equipped lecture rooms, studios, room and board accommodations and extensive private surrounding gardens. This centrally located facility is a valuable resource for short trips into Italy, France, Austria, Germany and the surrounding areas of Switzerland. The studio has access to unique urban and rural, contemporary and historical ways of life and their built environments.

Architects, designers and patrons of international scope are important collaborators to each Europe Studio program. On-site visits of significant projects, interviews with and presentations by well-known professionals, and participation with important international exhibitions of art and culture are indispensable resources provided by each program. Emphasis will continue to focus on human settlement documentation and design opportunities developed through student interests and individual areas of research in architecture and the allied arts. Courses in Design, History/Theory and Culture Study are offered each semester (check particular offerings and faculty each term).

Each fall semester and each spring semester, approximately 15 undergraduate and graduate architecture students are in residence at the Center for European Studies and Architecture.

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