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Xtreme Landscape Architecture Challenge

Oct. 4 - 6, 2016
Collegiate Square Studio

The Landscape Architecture Program will co-host the 2016 XTREME LA Challenge with the Landscape Architecture Foundation and Landscape Forms. This year’s design challenge focuses on two unique sites in Blacksburg. Teams will develop plans for the potential redevelopment of the 14-acre old Middle School parcel on Main St. and a Houston/Green Street Neighborhood parcel to address and accommodate housing needs in the town for students, families, and retirees. Over an intense two-day period, sixteen young design professionals and sixteen graduate students led by two distinguished landscape architects will work together to create comprehensive design plans for the chosen sites. Public presentations will be at noon on Thursday, October 6 in the Collegiate Square Studio, to be attended by local officials, faculty, students, and interested citizens.

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