PhD Students

Shouib Mabdeh

Ph.D. Candidate

Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology
M.Design Science, Sustainable Architecture, University of Sydney
M.S., Building, Construction Science and Management, Virginia Tech


Shouib N. Ma’bdeh is a Ph.D. candidate in School of Architecture + Design/Design Research track. Shouib research is to develop: A Decision-Support Framework for the Use and Application of Radiant Cooling Systems. This decision analysis tool will help architects and HVAC engineers in the early stages of design to decide if radiant cooling system is applicable for the space under investigation. Also, this framework will explain the consequences of the system implementing on other building performance mandates.

Ma’bdeh graduated with an architectural engineering degree from the Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2002. Then he worked as the head of technical department in a local municipality. In 2004, Shouib moved to Sydney to pursue a graduate degree in Sustainable Design from the School of Architecture, The University of Sydney. During his stay in Sydney, he joined SKJ Architects as part-time junior architect. In 2006, Ma’bdeh moved back to Jordan working as part-time lecturer in two architectural schools teaching design studios, environmental design, and acoustic and illumination in architecture.

Shouib is a licensed architect in Jordan. He won many design competitions during his study. He was listed in the Dean’s list for outstanding academic achievements in sustainable design, Sydney. He is an active member of Jordanian Society for Renewable Energy. Shouib is interested in Islamic architecture, Middle-east indigenous buildings, traditional building technologies, and human thermal comfort.