PhD Students

Daeung "Danny" Kim

Ph.D. Candidate

B.Arch., Suwon University in South Korea
M.S., Architectural Eng., Yonsei University in South Korea

Daeung Danny Kim-photo.JPG

Focusing on building system and environments, Danny is the Ph.D. candidate with two years experiences of multidisciplinary activities including integrating technology of wind vents system, energy efficiency, and sustainability at the Center for High Performance Learning Environments in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech.

Danny has performed simulations in order to estimate the energy modeling by E-Quest and predict wind flow around building using CFD as well as performed measurements such as wind tunnel tests and full-scale wind monitoring and pressure measurement. His ongoing study is to make the process of applying CFD techniques qualitatively as a design tool and analyze gathered wind & pressure data from the full-scale measurement quantitatively.

When master’s degree, Danny also investigated the indoor environment with simulations and full-scale measurements to improve IAQ, ventilation rate efficiency, odor control included thermal comfort and was awarded the best poster for his performances of experiments and simulation at Helsinki, ROOMVENT 2007.