PhD Students

Vidya Gowda, LEED A.P.

Ph.D. Student

B.Arch., University of Mumbai, India
M.S. in Architecture - Building Science, Virginia Tech


Vidya Gowda is pursuing Ph.D. under the guidance of Associate Prof. James Jones. Her current interest is conducting daylight analysis for visual comfort, particularly the influence of discomfort glare and contrast in office environment. Her research involves working on ray tracing software and statistical analytical tools for comparing medical and photo sensor studies for daylight and lighting especially for the visually impaired. Her master’s research involved “To quantitatively and qualitatively explore the potential development of earth-based building curtain wall systems, with naturally based stabilizers.”

She has three years of experience as an Architect in India. She has also worked for firms such as the Skidmore Owings Merrill LLC., Atelier Ten, New York, and Horizon Engineering Associates, Baltimore as an energy analyst and was involved in providing performance design solutions and energy modeling for planning and design phases, LEED, and measurement and verification of systems. She was an integral part in developing the energy model for scheduling the movable shading and insulation panel used in Virginia Tech’s Solar Decathalon 2010.

Additionally, her future goal is to specialize, research and consult studies in the field daylighting, external heat gain, and facade envelope studies. To establish best practices and help assist design teams with the right methods of applications of sustainable solutions with utilizing passive and active systems responsive to climate.