PhD Students

Alireza Bozorgi, CMIT, LEED GA

Masters student in Business Administration
Ph.D. Candidate

Bachelor of Architectural Engineering
Master of Architectural Engineering - Landscape and Environmental Design
M.S., Architecture - Building Science

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Alireza Bozorgi is simultaneously pursuing a Ph.D. in design research in the College of Architecture and Urban Design and an MBA in the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech.

His Ph.D. studies focus on the development of a new framework to derive the financial performance of green/energy efficiency systems and strategies in the context of value and risk, in order to assist users to make more informed decisions about green building investment. This framework is a first-of-its-kind approach to link building performance evaluation into valuation and investment decision-making while explicitly including uncertainty.

The combination of Bozorgi’s backgrounds in architectural engineering, building science, and business has provided him a unique perspective to tackle the challenge of integrating technical simulation tools with sophisticated financial and risk analysis. Bozorgi currently works for the Energy Efficiency Division of ICF International, a leading global consulting company, where he is involved in energy performance assessment, simulation, cost-effectiveness analysis, energy efficiency potential modeling, demand side management, energy policy and standards analysis.

During his studies at Virginia Tech, Bozorgi has attended several national and international conferences, such as Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings, American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy, Architectural Research Center Consortium, and American Real Estate Society, and presented research papers. He is the recipient of several scholarships and awards including the James R. Webb American Real Estate Society Foundation, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Pension Real Estate Association, American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy, Construction Management Association of America scholarships; the ARCC king student medal; and the GSA research symposium award.

Prior to Virginia Tech, Bozorgi was an assistant professor in the School of Architecture and Urban Design at Shiraz Azad University for two years where he was also involved in the development, design and construction of several multifamily residential buildings. Bozorgi also worked for P.M.Sh. Architecture Consultants as an architect and design manager for about three years.